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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SV Nathan : Director | U.S. India Talent : Do Simple things exceedingly well !!!!

SV Nathan

SV Nathan 

"I did not start out to be a HR professional. I came into it by accident than design. Part of me is that credo that I hold – if I don’t get what I like, I like what I get, make the most of it and don’t ever complain about it. I do what I can, more of what I can, and the best of what I can and a tad more. Life is simple and I came from a humble background and so, feel wondrous about the things happening around. Life is beautiful.

My personal mission is to help people find their edge and strength, and help them realize their potential. Personally I look at ‘Do simple things exceedingly well’ and the big things will take care of themselves."

HR Career  Blog :

We are making an attempt to bring inputs from some of the best HR professionals  across the country. 
We are asking : "What made you to be a successful HR Professional? & What's your personal Mission?"
Watch-out for more people on this blog post in the future. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hi-5 : Project Work this Summer

Every year this is the time in India many B-Schools/MBA college students go for their summer projects with organisations. I made an attempt to focus on the top 5 things that one need to focus.
Know Your Way

Objective of the Summer project is to give an idea of a organisational working environment and learn to deliver. This time is very crucial for any individual to prove their learning into action. Its important that one focus on the learning during this time and following are the 5 key issues to take care.

Exercise ?!@#
Health : Many individuals travel to different locations and stay away from their comfort zones. If you are at home or at your college hostel is fine, but staying away in a new city or town would be challenging with Food. Make sure that you have identified a right place. Many organisations can support in identifying these with their teams who may be staying in the hostel/guest houses. Most difficult task is to do the project during Summer and stay healthy. Plan for a good food (healthy) and clear water. These who makes a difference on body. Also make sure that if you are travelling within the city, ensure you have enough liquids, protect from the Sun Stroke.

New Location / Environment :

New Place, New Rules
If you are doing a project away from your college/city where you are studying. Understanding the local environment is very very important. Get an understanding of the location and the geography. Try and learn from the people inside organisation about the location and do's and don'ts in this City. You have to be like a traveler to explore but at the same time conscious of your surroundings to enjoy your stay. Do not assume about a city that you enter based on what you know or may be few people told you about the place.  India - for every 100 kms. its a new country.

Company Culture : 
Company is People

The project work should aim primarily to understand the Company and their business. The important ingredient that you learn at Company is the culture. Understanding the company culture and its dynamics would help you to manage the stay effective and productive. You need to quickly learn the way to interact with people - protocols, expectations and various right gestures. Understand the company policies, norms and procedures which helps you to adhere to the standards/expectations. More importantly understand the interpretation of the written and un-written expectations. Also understand in the right way the organisation defined, not just the way you think/assume.

Focus on Work Exposure
Learning the Skill
Remember : A project is a chance to prove yourself. Its all about your focus and delivery on the assigned tasks. Many colleges insist on doing a project with a list. Ideally no organisation would like to give you project if it is not a priority or important for them.  It is advisable to make sure that you choose a project which can be of use to the organisation from Day-One.  As the organisation invests its infrastructure, opens business and their resources to you. This means they look for the return on the Investment that they are making on you. The more work delivery you make and prove your mettle the more opportunities to get yourself absorbed in that company. Also you don't need to worry about your final placement and be a burden to your college. Important : The work exposure and delivery in your project can give you 90% of your next job.

Right Mentor:
Right Mentor is Key
A right Mentor inside the organisation would be critical factor for you.  Identify yourself or some times the companies identify a Mentor to you during the period of project. Ensure that you share every possible doubt, apprehensions, questions with the mentor to get maximum out-of your time. Remember : A Mentor during this period can be a life-time Coach or professional friend.

I did not focus on the Project itself, since its something your college would not leave you for assessing you. However, these Hi-5 points would help you to stay on top of your project.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

As HR Vs HR Enterprenuer

Dear Team

I started my First Professional journey at work in 1991 and the second phase of  life as an "HR Entrepreneur" since 2002. Overall Half of my life is spent for HR profession in India. I have been lucky to have got the best of People practices in best of the companies where I worked to gain a range of experience. Also an experience used now for my business as entrepreneur.

Today I decided to write my experiences of two worlds in this blog posting. I am sure the people who were on both sides of such experience agree/disagree on many points mentioned here. But definitely it can work for people who are on the job and willing to explore/experiment the entrepreneur route.

Here I go:

As HR Entrepreneur
Career Choice
·        Career is more related to earning money for the qualification acquired.
·        Growth in designation/ladder is more focused.
·        More influenced by social advice & personal circumstances.
·       Entrepreneurial outlook in a few cases. Tends towards entrepreneurial decision during mid career life.
·        Driven by passion and allows no social or personal influences can have a negative impact.
·        Seen as opportunity for utilization of skill and knowledge and creation of wealth as opposed to earning money.
·       May go against the family choice in many cases. Family outlook is towards a risk free life.
·        Constant opportunity exists for a sustainable career & personal growth (irrespective of business sector).
·        Spans length and breadth of area of specialization to build customer portfolio.
·        Studied for an understanding perspective. Information may be picked up from the line function in most cases.
·        Understood with intent focus on every competitor activity (as it may impact the enterprise).
Vision & Mission
·        Supports people to follow Vision & Mission.
·        Builds Vision & Mission
·        Inspires to follow
·        Competency Based.
·        Organizational Norms based.
·        More by gut feeling and foresight.
·        High risk takers.
Setting Targets
·        Dependent on tasks assigned.
·        Purely business outcome based
·        Expenses Focused
·        Initiatives are more KRA based with a ‘have to do’ kind of attitude to complete the performance parameter preparation.
·        Prepared hugely around internal / external economic situation.  
·        Purely business outcome based.

·        Building support for & among teams to identify and execute initiatives.
·        Looks to build long-term relations to improve business sustainability.
·        A function to deal with.
·        A function one can’t live without.
·        A function of business.
·        Business means marketing.
PR & Networking
·        Personal Choice focused.
·        Not linked to growth.
·        Business Lifeline
·        No PR/Networking = no growth.
·        Will continue as long as she has a pathway for future jobs/assignments.
·        Every activity focus: “What you sow is what you reap.”
·        Organisation’s growth never ends.
Office Relationships
·        Perceived Office Politics. 
·        Based on one’s perceived decision making ability.
Associates with
·        Self & Related Teams.
·        Nobody and/or Universal
*These are purely my views and sharing in good spirit. You are free to agree and disagree based on your experiences. Thank you.

Encourage you to write your experiences in this blog post.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MissionHR® Workshop for Aspiring HR Students & Professionals

MissionHR® Workshop

Husys Consulting is a one stop solution provider for all Human Resource Challenges of Today’s Organizations. More than 100 companies HR Departments are under management. We coined the word HR Function Outsourcing (HRFO) and a copyrighted process by pioneering in building and managing HR Departments for Organisations India.

InHusys (5th September, 2001)

Institute of Human Synergies evolved with a spirit of building future HR Talent for Industry and help positive Societal Impact. Aimed at building future talent for Husys growth.

Over years we have built more than 200 HR careers that have gone through our MissionHR Program. Some of them are at influential positions in various organisations across the globe including @Husys. We follow a simple process of “Learning by Doing”. MissionHR focus on 10% of Time spent on Experiential Sharing & Debating with HR Experts 90% by Hands on Learning by Doing. We follow a stringent Method of Evaluation to certify and not all would clear with Highest Ranks.

We are celebrating the 12th Anniversary year of our Program beginning September 2013 to September 2014 . We are happy to announce a preview workshop for the Intake of this batch across the country. 

Workshop Dates : January 18th 2013 (Saturday)  
Time : 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Locations : Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi  Click for Address :

Workshop Brief:

The InHusys Workshop is a highly interactive half day workshop which aims at educating the individuals on various aspects like
·        Opportunities in various industries
·        Career Ladder &  HR roles and responsibilities
·        Brief Orientation on Practical Side of HR :
o   Business Orientation
o   Planning & Getting to that Right Fit (Talent Acquisition)
o   Engaging or Managing People (Talent Management)
o   Building Framework for HR Function Management (Policy Management)
o   Measuring & Growing Talent ( Talent Enhancement)
o   Building Future Business opportunities (Future Development)

Who Can Attend:

·        Students doing Bachelors and Masters in Management/or other domains
·        Job Seekers in HR
·        Individuals preferring to shift to HR Field
·        Working professionals who are looking for Professional HR Careers

Nominal Investment : Rs.200/- per individual

Return on Investment :

·        Learn to Plan & Face the New World with confidence
·        Participation Certificate
·        Network with your Mentors & Fellow participants for ever

·        12% Discount on MissionHR Program (If you decide to Join 2 months program) Rs.1800/-

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What do Current Young HR Professionals (Experience between 0-4 years) look for?

Results of Poll run at (Data as on 1.5.2013)
What do you think Current Young HR Professionals (Experience between 0-4 years) look for?

Key Points for Review:

1. Majority of 58% of people posted that they look for generalist exposure to HR. An ability to perform Generalist jobs in the HR Function.
2. While the lowest with 6% of people mentioned an extreme learning experience in their jobs.
3. Focus on money expressed by 16% of people and any job/specialization should be okay with them.

The Reasons may be as follows (More interpretation can be done in Discussions/Comments): 

Beginning of the career always focuses more on acquiring diverse knowledge and while experimenting on various tasks/jobs.
While low focus on Extreme learning experience can be attributed to the opportunities to learn at that stage of career.
10% of specialized exposure voting can be more attributed the desire to work in Recruitment, Training, Employee Engagement and other specialized function in large organizations.

Key Inputs/Take-away:

HR is such a vast subject and requires quite focus in the Initial stages.
An Effort to build a career in HR gives the desired momentum for growth
Growth always begins from Hands on Experience to strategic thinking opportunity in HR
The more diversified in function and industry would be a great plus for building better HR career
Building capabilities at each stage important : Like-in  Recruitment Function (Can you Interview better in identifying competencies), Employee Retention (Do you understand the psychology in relation to business), Training ( can you stand up and Train & manage a group’s learning) etc.,
Focus on Building career on the basis of “Human Management /HR function is in Every Industry”.  Building HR experience around an Industry/Function may not be a better solution for growth in long-term to play a strategic roles.
Ultimately, remember you need to grow to a stage to manage a business than just function.

We Welcome your comments/suggestions/inputs to enhance the reading experience of our future readers...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why HR Professionals Hardly seen on Other-than HR Networking Forums !!!

Today (Sunday-9th Dec 2012) : I  attended a forum on Public Speaking in Hyderabad. I met few :  business owner, doctor, engineering student, govt. employee, Teacher, CA, Marketing Professional, Hotelier and many others...  had a great time in learning from their experiences.... 
9.12.12 - Hyderabad - Keen Learners

While, driving home I was thinking myself that I did not meet any HR professional. This is not the first time I have encountered this question. While attending many forums across India and other countries I seldom meet any HR professional in "Non-HR Forums".  

I was trying to get an answer and thinking  "Is it that HR professionals Are - 

  • Well Read and Informed that they don't have a need to attend beyond HR forums (Even many HR Forums  attracts less numbers)
  • Think that they have enough interactions during their course of job that they do not see a need for interaction.
  • Too busy that they can't spend any more time
  • Balancing Life after Work
  • Thinking the world ends by  meeting or networking with people who are their official employees or few other HR professionals..

Let me stop here and explore further. With my limited exposure of 21 years in HR profession & business also an average of 2 network events attend every month over last 21 years, let me write somethings to find reasons (not definitely an answer). 

Networking :  While world is moving to network based Business Relationships, Hiring, Learning and everything in business... I see very less done by the HR professionals to foster this aspect in their own profession. I am sure in my wildest guess the HR Fraternity is minority compared to many professions as on today... 

We can make a difference : Considering approximately 4 crore establishments (Large+MSME) in India and < .5% of them have HR Department - The number May be at 1-1.75 lacs of professionals (both organised & un-organised HR departments). The opportunity is with an average of 10-20 external interactions other than your own company, it would make a lot of difference in building the profession and keeping it close to the Business.  

My urge to the budding professionals from B-Schools and also the HR job holders in any Organised & un-organised HR Department :  If you want to make career in HR and you wanted it to be known... its time to focus on networking with, other than HR professionals and make your mark with multiple professional groups and individuals. This not only gives you a learning exposure to be successful but also a great understanding of "Business on the Otherside". 

This would not stamp you as an "Event Manager" but "Eventful Business Manager"....

Please do share your thoughts and feedback on my note to improve and bring different perspectives... So We learn more than what is know....

Friday, November 9, 2012

HR Function Management Support for SME's (Your HR Department is Here): 100 HR Ideas for better Business : 6-10 : Inductio...

HR Function Management Support for SME's (Your HR Department is Here): 100 HR Ideas for better Business : 6-10 : Inductio...: Wish you all a very Happy Diwali !!!!  Also wishing Naresh Babu Deevi (Co-author of this blog) a very happy birthday !!! Here are the ne...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

HRD Missionary: Preparing 1000 HRD Missionaries by Prof.T.V Rao

HRD Missionary: Preparing 1000 HRD Missionaries: 1000 HRD Missionaries If I am restless about one thing in life that is the way HRD got diluted and the way HRD Managers have functioned...

Monday, October 8, 2012

SME HR Journey in UK 2012

HR Function Management Support for SME's (Your HR Department is Here): SME Journey in UK 2012: GR @ The Iconic London Bridge I landed in London Heathrow at 9 pm on 19th September 2012 along with my Associate. We head strai...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Opportunity for College Management / Placement Officers to help students in getting job they desire

Personal note to College Managements:

At the outset let me congratulate you all for helping the students gain confidence to be with Corporate. We would like to contribute in your efforts by way of creation of opportunities for these students.  As you are aware that we work with companies where we are the only HR connect for them.  As part of our relationship we help these companies who do not do campus or do not post on regular job sites to find alternative.  We have worked with more than 200 companies and the number is increasing day-by-day. 

To consolidate the efforts we are bringing all our employers (clients) on one platform for Hiring in future. We have created a special career site to help these students to get direct connect with these companies. This effort is free of cost at the end of student. 

I would request you to share the following link to students who are in the 1st and 2nd year to make sure that they are updated with what is happening with these employers. Let them register for free.  They would be able to access various internship options, job options in the future. 

Link ;   (spelled as in Hindi   Job hi re job )

Please feel free to circulate this to your known contacts as well.  Please feel free to contact  our Office for any help.

Thank you and have a great academic year ahead.

Warm Regards,
G R Reddy  |  Founder & Chief Facilitator | Husys Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Santacruz (E), Mumbai-400 098, Maharastra   |   India,;

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Future Challenges of HR Careers !!

HR Careers are getting excited with the change in Business Scenario.  With more and more young population joining the workforce over next decade, the challenges of managing them becomes the priority of HR professionals. So what is going to be different if you want to be the HR Professionals of Future: 

A Turbulent Challenge ahead for HR

  • Knowledge of Universe : I mean, to know about the world and everything that happens in the world becomes relevant for your business and people. If you are not updated about the latest Information, you soon become the obsolete HR professional to manage the future workforce.  The new workforce knows information on their finger tips and at all times. 

Making Business HR Sense  

  • Knowing the Trends: Tracking of the latest trends in managing the Human Resources across the globe not just within the country of operation. The challenge is to relate and use the best of the breed HR practices adapted and customized to your area of function. 
  • Competency to Transition: The ability to integrate the older workforce to the new workforce is the key. The change that happens with each of the category is a challenge for the HR professionals. Building the connectivity of Knowledge & Wisdom to the energy of future is the key challenge. 

Husys  - Since 2002
About Husys:

Husys - HR Function Management Company( ) is striving to build HR Department for Start-up, Small and Medium businesses since 2002. Husys strive to help in managing to stream line the change that organizations go through during their growth phase. Husys addresses the key Human related issues to support organizational Growth. We integrate the Hiring, Inducting, Performance Measurement, Policies, Employee Bonding and Development. We truly live our vision : "Synergizing Human Potential for Business & Society".

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Consequences of Errors done by HR

In my earlier post Bharat requested me to write on "Consequences of Errors done by HR". This is something the HR professionals face and experience every day. We are Human and errors are common... However, In one word HR Errors can cause a consequence of "Business". I have experienced the cost of consequences as a job holder and worked for a company and more so impact while running a business. We do experience many such errors but we learn and ensure do not repeat the mistake.  More importantly look for any potential mistakes in every other action or activity that HR handles.

Here, is a simple experience : In one of my experience I received a letter to be signed for a an Offer to a prospective Hire prepared by one of my associate. The associate was well educated(MBA), technologically savvy and  doing job for many years by then.  I would not sign any letter unless I review/scan.  I asked the Associate to change the letter and bring it again as we have not promised what was mentioned in the letter.  The associate have gone through the letter and said it is perfect. I asked him to check and comeback. After 5 minutes he came back and said everything was okay.  Then I pointed that there is an excess of "0" zero in the salary figure.  The additional zero we could have not afforded for the job role and experience and impact on our company by that individual.  But it was impacting because of the letter drafted.  The salary offered was 1 Lac per annum and its mentioned as 10 lacs( Rs.100000 to Rs.1000000). In this case Technology was helping us to do our job better but the impact of what you feed is important.  That talks about the attention to the details by HR is very important. This error even if we have issued the letter still would have been rectified by going back and informing the New Hire about the error, however go through my next experience.....

2nd Experience : Here is a company who were growing more than 40% of annual rate of growth while the industry was growing at a rate of 30%+( 30+% is a sign of growth in the industry characterized as sun rising). The Management decided to hire a new CEO instead of the founder owners who have built this organisation. This entire process of decision making and implementation would have not been possible without the involvement of senior hr professionals. The new CEO was with great credentials from a very well known and successful Multinational conglomerates... Within one year of his take over, there has been many changes in the organisation... To name few - New Organisational structure, New and different hiring, New business models, change in product lines and many others. None of these seems to have worked in one year of time and the management were forced to take a decision to counsel the CEO (In this case definition of Counseling is helping him to take decision to leave) as it was impacting the whole existence of business. In this case HR worked hard to help in getting back to normalcy with the help of people again.

I have taken two different examples to illustrate the impact that the Business can have with HR.  I could write hundreds and thousands of examples but time is essence.  We discuss more in future as need arises or as our readers request for specific inputs. However, HR is the function more and more prominent as the businesses are becoming Knowledge based and People become only the Differentiators to compete in the Global Business scenario.

The Business of HR has become more Profit / Impact oriented than ever before and the Required Qualities/skills/competencies of HR are defined to next level every day...

Please read more on the qualities of HR in this blog.  Also for all People Differentiators experiences read :